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Strategic planning is a continuous process and as a result IMVUSO’s Strategic Plan to align the organization and budget structure with the organizational priorities, mission and objectives will be developed, reviewed and updated at least every 3 – 6 months.

This will give direction to the work of IMVUSO and directors responsible for the day to
day running of the company and will be used as a systematic method to anticipate and adapt to expected change.


  • To promote business development and economic growth
  • To identify and invest in sustainable brownfield, greenfield, expansion and rehabilitation projects in different sectors (mainly mining & engineering, property, minerals and energy)
  • To achieve excellence in maximizing returns on viable investment opportunities
  • To actively participate in empowerment of the HDSAs


  • To develop an entity that is sustainable and socially responsible
  • To identify and successfully implement business improvements strategies
  • To actively participate in poverty alleviation initiatives by creation of the much needed employment opportunities
  • To assist in developing Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMMEs)

Strategic Business Partners

  • Bankers : Standard Bank (SA).
  • Legal Services : Themba Mabasa Attorneys
  • Corporate Advisors : April 27 (Pty) Ltd
  • Auditors : Orkin Brown & Associates
  • Surveying Consultants : NT Geomatics(Gauteng)
  • Marketing & Research : Peoples Insights


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