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Employment Equity (EE)

Although IMVUSO has 6 directors, in practice the chairman and the secretary run the company. However, as the organization grows and prospers, we anticipate expanding the board, directorship and shareholding to include women representatives, and in particular those with previously disadvantaged background. This is done due to the realization that “no economy can grow by excluding any part of its people”.

The new composition of the company will have to reflect the diversity of South Africa and these new members will be selected individuals who will be able to play a significant/pivotal role in advancement of the company.

In the medium to long term, IMVUSO aspires to provide opportunities and support for skills development and/or skills transfer to persons from this previously disadvantaged group. We plan to grab each opportunity to learn a great deal about corporate governance and best business practices.

IMVUSO also views Employment Equity as a business strategy encompassing the following elements:

  • Equal Opportunities,
  • Diversity, and
  • Elimination of Unfair Discrimination

Empowerment (BBBEE)

As part of development and support for broad-based black-economic empowerment (BBBEE) IMVUSO anticipates to form/establish and allocate some of its shareholding to the IMVUSO Development Trust (IDT). This will be aimed at benefiting the wider range of historically disadvantaged South Africans/Africans (HDSAs/HDAs).

IDT will be intended at addressing the much needed employment opportunities and education of HDSAs/HDAs. This initiative will also play a significant role in assisting in developing Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMMEs).

IMVUSO can fund the trust and assist it with acquiring shares or stakes in IMVUSO partnerships. An employee trust can also be formed or developed as an alternative. In this way, the company could enrich more than a few individuals and help create a sense of ownership among all its historically disadvantaged employees.

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